MNTL Series Rice Whitening Machine Introduction

MNTL series rice whitening machine adopts an international advanced milling technology standard, being one of the most widely-used modern rice milling machinery in the world. The ricing milling machine can achieve high rice whiteness and a low broken rate is applied in rice milling production line and rice milling factory. This milling machine also can be used for polisher by changing the polishing roller to replace the emery milling roller.

vertical rice whitener

MNTL Series Rice Milling Equipment Features

* Feeding down and discharge up to avoid the high whitening milling pressure.
* Save the hoister, if connect several machines to make much whiter and luster rice milled.
* Combining the spraying air and suctioning air for more quick discharging rice chaffs.
* Equipped with electricity current and negative pressure display to easy control.
* Fluidized rice milling device makes rice grinding milling more gently to reduce the broken rice rate and improve the white rice productivity.
* Longer service life, easy to maintain and operate.
* Multi-functional appliance, when milling with moisture, may be used as a polishing machine.
* It is the best choice for processing abundant nutritive rice with the remained germ.

vertical iron roller rice mill details

MNTL Verticle Rice Processing Equipment Advantages

* The verticle rice milling machine’s rice flow is basically similar to the same altitude, so the whole verticle pressure change not much, only if control the whitening pressure, the much better whitening effectiveness will be guaranteed. The reasons as follows:
* The rice flow tends to be slower and whitening pressure tends to smaller, during to rice chaffs are discharged on every verticle section, which is conformity with whitening processing requirement.
* Veticle rice milling equipment has the much more weak whitening pressure, because of the rice flow shows the fluidized state. Which damage rice much smaller to produce low broken rice.
* Because the rice flow is reverse to gravity direction, the rice present vertical state which is parallel to the shaft of milling roller for low breakage rate.

from brown rice to white rice

Technical Data of Vertical Rice Milling Machine

Model MNTL17 MNTL21 MNTL26
Capacity 2.5-3.5t/h 4-5t/h 5-7t/h
Power 30-37kw 37-45kw 45-55kw
Speed 930rpm 930rpm 930rpm
Net Weight 1000kg 1100kg 1300kg
Exterior Size(L*W*H) 1430*1320*1980mm 1430*1350*2100mm 1570*1580*2200mm