The working principle of rice milling machine is that the relative friction between grain and grinding roller deeps into the cortex of the grain and make the grain produce relative movement along the surface of the endosperm, thus the grain surface being stretched, fractured and separated with endosperm to achieve the effect of rice milling.

rice mill plant factory machines

There are some important tips to know before using the rice mill machine:

1. The installation should be in good preparation. Of them, both the length and tightness of the drive belt should be in an appropriate state. what’s more, the rotation and transmission parts also should be equipped with the protective cover.
2. Before working, it’s necessary to confirm whether the condition of rice milling equipment is good or not. After all, things are confirmed, then close the inlet board plug and open the exit board plug to start the rice mill machine.
3. When the rice milling machine is in a working situation and the flow box is filled with rice, open the inlet board plug gradually and observe whether the size of rice meets the standards. If not, close the inlet board and then adjust the position of the huller blade.
4. After the size and broken rice rate meet the requirements, try to enlarge the inlet board until a load of operation ups to the top.
5. Often clean up the exit of the rice mill machine to keep the exit free from obstruction.
6. If the cavings mix with the grains, there is no hesitation to take action to solve it, such as checking the rice sieve.
7. Check the condition of belt and screw, bearing temperature, and lubricating regularly while working. Once find the abnormal sound of the rice mill machine, stop the machine immediately to check it rather than keep it working.
8. The filter should be equipped in a flow box for keeping the nail or stone from the rice to avoid the damage of rice milling machinery and make sure the operator’s safety.
9. In order to achieve the good effect of rice milling, the operator can improve the flow and the speed of rice milling equipment to increase the density of grain in the rice milling process. But it also needs to notice that the floe and speed should not be too high, otherwise, it will lead to the increase of broken rice, unevenness of peeled rice, or even cause the blockage of rice milling machine.
10. After ensuring all the rice is milled out, you can cut off the power.
11. Check the rice mill machine carefully when the work ends. In order to prolong the life span of the machine and has a good operating experience, please pay attention to clean and maintenance after half-year.