Basic Knowledge about Rice

As a food, rice is low in fat and (compared with other cereal grains) in protein. In the East, rice is eaten with foods and sauces made from the soybean, which supply lacking elements and prevent deficiency diseases. Elsewhere, especially in the United States, rice processing techniques have produced breakfast and snack foods for retail markets. Brown rice has a greater food value than white since the outer brown coatings contain the proteins and minerals; the white endosperm is chiefly carbohydrate.

Role of Rice Mill Machinery

rice processing machinery

Rice mill machinery is one of the most important mechanical equipment in rice processing. According to the characteristics of rice milling equipment, there are three categories: separating type rice processing machinery, combined rice processing machinery, and wind spraying type rice milling machine. With the development of rural economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, the market potential of rice milling machine has been expanding a lot, especially the wind spraying type rice miller and separating type rice milling equipment, whose outputs are over 90% of the total (by the unit Numbers). Rice mill machinery has become necessary equipment in the food processing industry, which is very popular among the farmers. According to the statistics, currently, about 70% of Chinese rice farmers use small milling machines.
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