SS Series Sensing Rice Sorting Machine Introduction

SS series sensing rice sorting machine is especially for sorting light yellow rice and micro color spot rice. This type of rice color sorter has an exclusive CMOS sensor and various color sorting models to provide high color identification and the very lowest proportion of disqualified rice discharged. The color sorting machine is specially used for sorting rice, millet, red rice, and black rice in the rice milling industry.

color sorting of rice and sensor

SS Series Sensing Rice Sorting Machine Features

* Hyper sorting rate of CMOS sensor and high-speed signal processing system.
* The professional rice camera lens guarantee all rice to image on the CMOS sensor.
* Adopting high-speed DSP digital&image processing technology makes sorting quick and precise.
* By advance optical designed system provide diversified and flexible color sorting models.
* The host controlling system is by the means of high-end embedded ARM processing chip.
* Much friendlier and convenient operational interface makes the operation much easier.
* Modularized structure is easy to maintain.
* The high speed & professional air value ensures high accuracy and large unqualified rice be sorted for much deeper sortable rice.

rice color sorting result

SS Series Sensing Rice Sorting Machine Working Principle

This sorting machine can sort qualified rice according to the color and luster difference between heterochromatic rice and normal rice. When rice is conveyed into the sorting chamber via shaking feeder and chutes or channel, the photoelectric detector measures the quantities of reflecting light and refracts light and then compares with the reflect light quantities of benchmark swatches, meanwhile magnify processing. If the differential value exceeds the rated value, the spraying value will wind out the hetero chrome rice to achieve the sorting goals.

SS Series Sensing Rice Sorting Machine Technical Data

 Model  160Z  256Z  320Z
 Capacity  4.5±40%t/h  6±40%t/h  8.5±40%t/h
 Power  0.8-1.8kw  1.2-2.5kw  1.5-3.0kw
 Voltage  220V 50Hz  220V 50Hz  220V 50Hz
 Air Pressure  >0.6%MPa  >0.6%MPa   >0.6%MPa
 Sorting Accuracy  >99.99%  >99.99%  >99.99%
 Air Consumption   800-1800m3/min  1200-2800m3/min  1500-3000m3/min
 Net Weight  850kg  950kg   1000kg
 Dimension  2066*1010*1890mm  2066*1010*1890mm  2066*1010*1890mm