MMJM Series Rice Grading Machine Introduction

MMJM series rice grading machine is used for dividing milled rice into different classes also can apply for dividing other particles. When the machine is working, which will bring out three pathways, that’s ellipse trail in the feeding part, circular trail in medium section, and line trail in discharging device. It is provided with unique sieve configuration and effective feeding device, chaff suction device, and simultaneously be adjust rotation speed in order to attain quick speed and high quality of separating effect. This rice grading machine is the best fit for the rice processing factory.

Rice Rotary Grading Classifier

MMJM Series Rice Grading Machine Features

* Multi-functional application, could be divided finished rice, may divide cleaned rice into four classes, and even also be used in separating other particle stuff.
* When feeding material, adjust the pressure value controller to ensure feeding uniformly.
* The suction device can remove the chaff powders and low rice temperature effectively.
* Adopting rotation separating design to avoid sieve hole plug and thereby affect production plan
* The energy consumption is very saving, but the grading capacity is much larger.
* Separating effect is rather better, at the same time, the operation is much easier and convenient.

classified rice

MMJM Series Rice Grading Machine Structure

MMJM series rice grader consists of a feeding mechanism, uniform mixture device, driving device, machine rack, and screen deck, and so on. When material feed into a hooper, under the action of the pressure value controller, the rice will be outflowed into the screen body via the suction pathway. Due to screen deck doing the elliptical motion, the rice does self-classifying motion which results into broken rice is contact with sieve hole through the thicker material layer, which can improve grading speed in big degree, and after that, the rice does self-line motion, which will make the bigger broken rice fall through sieve holes. To be in the end, you will get the rice that you want.

details of Rotary Sieve Classifier

MMJM Series Rice Grading Machine Technical Data

 Model  MMJM80  MMJM100  MMJM125
 Capacity  2-3t/h  3-4t/h  4-5t/h
 Power  0.75kw  0.75kw  0.75kw
 Air Volume  600m3/h  720m3/h  900m3/h
 Net Weight  600kg  700kg  800kg
 Exterior Size(L*W*H)  2020*1200*1460mm  2020*1400*1460mm  2020*1650*1460mm