TQLM Series Rotary Paddy Cleaner Introduction

TQLM series rotary paddy cleaner is suitable for cleaning and classifying the grain. Though equipping with different sieve hole specifications which depend on circumstances of different material, the paddy cleaner can remove all sizes of impurities from grain during plane rotary motion. The sieve surface rotates in the plane, while the movement of materials on the sieve surface is spiral, so it can ensure sufficient screening for high cleaning efficiency.
rotary paddy cleaner sieve

Advantages of Rotary Paddy Cleaner

* Compact structure, small volume, reliable operation, good sealing performance, and long service life.
* Plane rotary motion ensures higher efficiency.
* Changing the sieve hole specifications according to the material size to lower the power consumption and increase the output.
* By adjusting the rotary speed and balance block weight, we can change the amplitude of the machine, achieving the optimum cleaning effect.
* Matched with vertical suction duct, no raise dust.
* Suitable for assorted grains such as rice, wheat, maize, bean, etc.
* Multiple sizes and specifications to meet different requirements.
Paddy cleaner destoner application

How does the Rotary Paddy Cleaner Work?

The grain enters into the sieve from feed inlet, then fall on the first layer of sieve, where big impurities are left and then discharged out of the machine. The grain then falls on the second sieve plate, which is suitable for removing small and tiny impurities. The small and tiny impurities can pass through the sieve, then being discharged. The grain left on the second sieve will enter into the hopper of a vertical suction duct under the impact of gravity. In the vertical suction duct, the light impurities will be removed when they following with the grain, thus finishing the cleaning and classifying process.

Technical Data of Rotary Paddy Cleaner

Model TQLM100 TQLM125 TQLM150
Capacity 6-9t/h 7.5-10t/h 10-15t/h
Power 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw
Air Volume 1200m3/h 1500m3/h 2000m3/h
Net Weight 750kg 800kg 900kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1940*1345*1335mm 1940*1600*1335mm 1940*2010*1335mm