HS Series Rice Thickness Grading Machine Introduction

HS Series Rice Thickness Grading Machine is engineered for separating fragmental brown rice and crude brown rice by the thickness of rice, so as to improve the purity degree and uniformity degree of clean brown rice for further milling process. The main structure consists of a feeding device, screen drum, driving device, and machine body, etc. Every part can be coordinating worked to achieve a more perfect grading effect. It is widely used for coarse rice, grain, beans, and seeds in grain processing factory and rice milling industry with high quality and large capacity.

brown rice grading machine

milled rice

HS Series Rice Thickness Grading Machine Highlights

1. Separating crude and fragmental brown rice effectively on the basis of the material’s thickness.
2. The screen drum is made of superior stainless steel, which is used with durable and anti-corrosion performance.
3. The power consumption can be decreased to the lowest level in the grading process, as the result of adopting a chain transmission design.
4. The impurity and dust also be cleaned by the dust collector cyclone.
5. Easy operation is easy, convenient maintenance, adjustable freely sieve hole.
6. Equipped with a rubber cleaning brush to clear off-screen drum for avoiding material and dust adhesion l block screen hole.
7. The screen drum is higher adjustable, both the imported and homemade drum is practicable, so which can save your changing cost for your business.

details of rice thickness grading machine

HS Series Rice Thickness Grading Machine Fault & Solution

The screen effect is not perfect, please check whether screen drum or hole is normal or not, then change screen drum or cleaning brush, or clearing dust adhesion cumulated on the drum.
If feeding material is not uniform, the reason for that is the feeding flow quantity uneven or spring controller value loss.
When emerging un-normal noise in the screen drum, please stopping and check reasons, maybe it’s time to change a new one or push sieve cylinder bracket.

Technical Data of Rice Thickness Grading Machine

Model HS400 HS600
Capacity 3.5-4t/h 5-7t/h
Power 0.75kw 1.1kw
Speed 920-950rpm 920-950rpm
Net Weight 550kg 650kg
Exterior size
1950*960*2050mm 1950*960*2420mm