TQSX Series Paddy Destoner Introduction

It is a cost-effective paddy destoner for separating stones and heavy impurities from paddy, wheat, soybean, corn, rapeseed and sesame in the grain and feed processing industry. Since the grain and various sizes of stone have different specific gravity and suspended velocity, so the destoner can separate the grain and stone automatically by air pressure and amplitude.
paddy cleaning and destoning machine
Features of TQSX Series Paddy Destoner
1. Adopt vibration motor driving gears, ensuring stable operation, reliable performance, low vibration, and noise.
2. With enclosed construction, no powder and dust release, durable and easy to maintain. Robust construction with low maintenance.
3. Air pressure and air volume can be adjusted easily, well-illuminated interior design makes the material movement clearly visible.
4. The inclination of the sieve is adjustable from 10 to 14 degrees, hence it is applicable for various grains.
5. It can also be used to remove the mixed stones in foodstuffs, grease, feedstuffs, and chemical products.

structure of paddy destoner machine
Working Principle of Paddy Destoner
When the airflow blows upward through the grain, the heavy impurities and grain will be graded, and the heavy impurities stay at the lower layer. Under the help of a reciprocating motion screen, heavy impurities move out of the stone outlet. However, under the effect of self-weight, the grain moves towards the opposite direction, thus separating them efficiently.
TQSX Series Paddy Destoner Technical Parameters

Model TQSX100 TQSX125 TQSX168
Capacity 6.5-7.5t/h 8-9t/h 10-12t/h
Power 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw
Air Volume 480±15m3/h 480±15m3/h 480±15m3/h
Net Weight 380kg 480kg 560kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 1131*1545*1802mm 1381*1545*1802mm 1810*1545*1810mm