NF Series Air-Spraying Iron Roller Rice Milling Machine Description

NF series air-spraying rice milling equipment is suitable for whitening clean rice which sprayed air from the milling roller into the whitening chamber to increase rolling times for a much better whitening process. This rice milling machine can be used dependently or used as the polisher with humidification change the polishing roller, it is applicable in rice mills of the production capacity from 120-160 tons per day.

rice whitening machine

milled rice

Air-Spraying Rice Mill Machine Advantages

* Adopts low rice temperature rising technology to reduce the rice breakage rate.
* The radical air-sparing promotes rice overturn much more sufficient and uniform.
* Can be used dependently, or combined with emery roller rice milling machine, the whitening effect will be better, high precision and clean rice.
* Professional exterior blower brings the airflow to turnover the rice and blow the rice chaff out of the rice screen to keep the lower discharging chaff rate.
* Air-sparing milling is good for lowing rice temperature and improving rice color luster, and increasing the rice output.
* Durable iron roller and rice screen to guarantee reliable performance, and also be easy to assemble and maintain
* Whitening pressure is easily controlled by brakes and counterweight for the convenience to operate and control.

the structure of NF rice milling machine

Air-Spraying Rice Milling Equipment Technical Data

Model NF14 NF16 NF18
Capacity 1.2-1.5t/h 1.5-2.5t/h 2.0-2.5t/h
Power 15-18.5kw 18.5-22kw 18.5-22kw
Speed 930rpm 930rpm 930rpm
Net Weight 500kg 550kg 650kg
Dimensions 1477*580*1920mm 1574*540*1477mm 1320*620*1920mm