Home Use Rice Milling Machine Introduction

Mini fully automatic parboiled rice mill

  • The Household rice milling machine is sufficient to remove hulls and bran from paddy grains and can produce-both polished rice and brown rice in ONE time. The process can retain the nutrient substance of paddy grains -and keep from impurities with a minimum number of broken kernels.
  • Special DC motor to assure of stable quality and easy operation.
  • The smallest size in the world, completely applicable for ordinary families, useful and fast.

Features of Mini Rice Milling Machine

details of home use full automatic rice mill equipment machine

  1. Only need 5 minutes, then you can mill 500g rice
  2. Several Choice: Polished rice, Brown rice, Embryo rice
  3. High mill rate: 50%-80%
  4. Tech from South Korea, and parts from Japan
  5. Low consumption: only need 0.15/KWh
  6. Suit for several raw materials: grain, rice, paddy, Chinese sorghum, wheat, etc
  7. Simple assembly, simple operation, can for the pregnant and elderly
  8. Use the steel rollers, make the mill more efficiency

How to Operate The Household Automatic Rice Mill

how to operate home use rice mill 1

how to operate home use rice mill 2

Safety Tips to Use Mini Rice Mill


  1. Before the machine starts processing, put the dishes out of the rice outlet.
  2. The rated working time is 5 minutes, and it must be used intermittently. The heating of the motor is normal.
  3.  When the machine moves, hold your hands together to prevent falling.
  4. Besides rice, brown rice can be processed. But other foreign matters can not be processed.
  5. If a long time no use, the chassis should be emptied firstly to prevent worms.
  6. Keep the machine dry and prevent direct sunlight.

Power Tips

  1. The product belongs to seven kinds of electrical appliances.
  2. Reliable grounding power must be used. The grounding line must be buried in the ground and not connected to public facilities, such as water pipes.
  3. Distinguish the ground wire and zero lines of the power supply, and can not connect two kinds of wires together.
  4. It is necessary to use a separate special socket and the socket should be a qualified product.

Technical Data of Small Rice Milling Machine

Model 001
Raw Material Unhusked rice
Capacity 213-493 g/min
Product size 422*320*424mm
Wight(packing) 10kg
Power 500W
Voltage 220V/50HZ