DTG Series Bucket Elevator Introduction

DTG series bucket elevator is a new generation of bucket elevators that digests and absorbs the advantages of similar products, which can convey the bottom material to the specified heights, as to meet the requirement of vertical transportation of various granular materials. Our Rice Mill Bucket Elevator is a special conveyor device dedicated to vertical conveying powder, various granular materials (such as paddy, bean, rice, corn) and small pieces of food materials continuously.

Rice Mill Bucket Elevator

DTG Series Bucket Elevator Features

* Compact structure, good sealing effect, low noise.
* Small volume, big conveying capacity, low power consumption.
* Flexible adjustment, easy operation, long working life.
* It’s convenient to clean the base, stable operation.
* Reasonable and reliable transmission mechanism, straight conveying pipe, strong interchangeability.* This bucket elevator can avoid rice to be broken.

details of high speed Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator Scope of Application

This conveying equipment is widely used in food, starch, oil, alcohol, and other industries. It’s especially good to be applied in rice processing factories and breakable granulated crystal factories to deliver granular materials vertically.

application of vertical bucket elevator

Technical Data of DTG Series Bucket Elevator

Model DTG36/28 DTG48/32
Capacity 18-25t/h 35-45t/h
Rotating Velocity 80rpm 80rpm
Max. Height 30m 35m
Power 3kw 4kw