According to the role of mechanical milling properties, rice milling machines can be divided into two kinds: Fraction-type rice milling machine and grind rice milling machine.

Fraction-type rice milling machine

also known as pressure-type rice milling machine, is to rely on strong friction of iron roller to mill brown rice into white, This kind of iron roller rice milling machine is with a small model, like NF Series Air-Spraying Iron Roller Rice Milling Equipment.Iron Roller Rice Whitener

During the milling process, with the advancing and flipping off the iron roller, causing the strong collide, squeeze, and friction between rice and rice, rice and whiting chamber components so that separate the cotyledon and endosperm of brown rice to achieve the white purpose.

Grind rice milling machine

The grind rice mills mainly remove the bran layer by grinding and cutting the rice grain by the emery roller with a higher speed, generally about 10 to 16 / sec, which can make a lower rice breakage rate and higher rice output for whitened rice. SM Series Emery Roller Rice Milling Machine is the most commonly used in this machine.emery roller rice whitener

There are two kinds of rice mills, the vertical type and the horizontal type which are commonly used in the rice milling industry. The vertical-type rice mill roller is a cone-shaped mortar without the ribs and grooves on its surface, which can be forward or reverse. The gap between the mortar and its outer cone-shaped rice sieve can be adjusted by the up and down movement of the mortar shaft. An adjustable rubber blade is installed around the whitening room to reduce the velocity of the rice flow and to increase the speed of the rice and mortar. Adjust the rice blade can increase or decrease the degree of whitening. The whitened rice flows out from the bottom of the whitening room, and the rice bran is drained through the rice sieve. MNTL Series Verticle Rice Milling Machine is the machine with this function, which is the most widely-used modern rice milling machinery in the world.

The roller of the horizontal roller milling machine was cylindrical, with the propelled convey spiral at the inlet. Generally, there are oblique or spiral grinding grooves on the roller surface. And its shape is zigzag, V-shaped, or semicircular. The rice sieve is cylindrical, with a steel blade of the rectangular or semicircular shaped cross-section.

During the milling process, with the high-speed rotation of the grinding roller grinding the rice grain cortex continuously, so that the grain cortex is divided, peeled, and whitened the brown rice. The roller line speed is generally about 15 m / sec. This kind of machine is with large shape and small grind whitening pressure, resulted in less broken rice, it is suitable for grinding rice with hard layer, structural relaxation, and less intense powdery grain.

The blending rice milling machine: it is a kind of milling method that combined the advantages of iron roller milling and fraction-type milling. The roller speed is generally about 10/sec. The whitening of rice mainly depends on grinding while taking friction milling as a subsidiary. And with the development of science and technology, many milling machine are both can used for milling and polishing such as MNML Series Rice Mill Machine, which is not only suitable for indica rice and parboiled rice but also widely applied in rice milling production line and rice processing line with the evenly and uniformly grinding white effect.

rice mill equipment

In order to reduce the pressure of rice grain in the milling process, the lower broken rate of rice as well the result of high-precision rice, it generally required by two to four rice milling processes. After the rice milling process, there are still other processes that maybe take into your consideration, such as, removing the chaff on the surface of the rice and sorting out the different quality of rice by using rice grading machine and then packing the finished rice by using the rice packing equipment.