DCS Series Rice Packing Machine Introduction

DCS Series rice packing machine can be widely used for quantitative weighing and packing grains and granules (such as rice, beans, feed, chemical raw materials, etc.). Our rice packing machine adopts self-adapting software, automatic fall correction, excess alarm, scanty alarm, malfunction checking ability, etc. It can accounts the number of bags and the quantity of packages automatically. This rice packaging equipment has special feeding modes with three kinds of speeds: fast, medium, and slow.

rice packing machine

DCS Series Rice Packing Machine Features

1. Easy Operation. The packer machine can finish adding, filling and unloading automatically. What the worker need is only to cover and open the clipping switch.
2. Easy Installation. Fix it to the ground with the stone bolt and joint the pipeline of material, power and air are all procedures.
3. A double set of high-precision sensors matches the intelligent display control instruments. Without mutual interference, high precision and fast speed.
4. Components contacted with raw material all adopt imported stainless steel that can be used for a long period due to high sanitation standards and anticorrosion.
5. Adopt the imported pneumatic implementation mechanism which makes the work reliable, the maintenance easy, and no pollution.
6. Wide quantitative extent, high precision, and a platform that can be raised and lowered, more multifunctional, and more efficient.
7. Matched with sewing machine and conveyor, which can achieve the sealing packing.

details of DCS vertical rice mill packing machine

Electronic Quantitative Packaging  Scale Application

DCS series automatic quantitative packaging electronic scale, can be widely used in grains (such as rice, beans, feed, chemical raw materials, etc.), powder (feed screw feeder, such as surface, salt, seasoning powder, gypsum powder, powder feed, chemical raw materials, etc.), small makings fragile material or block material and small particles mixed material (gate + belt conveyor feeding), and other quantitative weighing and packing.

application in rice mill for packing rice

Rice Packaging Electronic Scale Working Process

Manual Bag Supplying & Clamping→Automatic Weighing→Automatic Filling→Automatic Bag Conveying→Automatic Bag Sewing.

Main Technical Data of DCS Series Rice Packing Machine

Weighting Extent
Accuracy Grade
Weighting Speed
Air Expenditure
0.4-0.6Mpa 1M3/h