CSQZ Series Combined Cleaner Introduction

CSQZ Series combined cleaner consists of two procedures, cleaning and de-stoning. It is the ideal equipment for removing big or small impurities and stones from raw grain, rice, wheat, corn, soybean, sesame, etc. for grain processing plant or flour mill.

paddy pre-cleaning machine

CSQZ Series Combined Cleaner Features

* Good mechanical performance, compact structure, small floor space.
* Low noise, easy to operate, convenient to maintain.
* High cleanness efficiency, low energy consumption.
* Well-sealed construction, no dust leakage, dust and light impurities can be removed by air suction system.
* Different sieves are driven by two vibrating motors, suitable for cleaning large and small impurities.

rice cleaning equipment application

CSQZ Series Combined Cleaner Structure

CSQZ frame design is the most prominent structural feature, which satisfies the process requirements of winnowing, sieving, and gravity separating. It is neither simply put the vibration cleaning sieve, winnowing machine, and specific-gravity stoner together, nor divide the work scope of each cleaning process according to combination type, but make sure that the materials work on these three principles. In order to achieve the optimal effect of the trajectory state, the materials must follow some rules of movement while working, such as direction, speed, acceleration, amplitude, frequency, etc.

CSQZ Series Combined Cleaner Technical Parameters

Model CSQZ70 CSQZ80 CSQZ85
Capacity 1.5-2t/h 2.5-3t/h 3-3.5t/h
Power 0.2*2kw 0.38*2kw 0.38*2kw
Speed 930rpm 930rpm 930rpm
Net Weight 400kg 450kg 510kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1520*920*1920mm 1660*1250*1960mm 1660*1350*1960mm