MLGQ Series Rice Huller Introduction

MLGQ series rice huller is a newly developed product because of integrating advanced worldwide husking technology with the local conditions. It is mainly used for hulling paddy and separating rice husks with a high hulling rate, less breakage as well as good performance of separation. Husk separation adopts traditional vertical suction channels, thus meeting the needs of middle and large rice processing plantsĀ and becoming an ideal upgrade product for the modern rice processing factories.

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Main Features of MLGQ Series Rice Huller

1. With imported spare parts, the machine is reliable and durable.
2. The compact and well-sealed structure prevents the leakage of rice.
3. Stable operation, less vibration, low noise, and large capacity.
4. It is unnecessary to dismantle the roller once a new one is installed.
5. Adjustable pressure between rollers makes the operation much easier, more reliable, and effective.
6. Easy operation, rollers can be fastened and loosed automatically by air pressure.

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Requirements of Raw Materials for Rice Huller

Paddy properties directly influence the technical effect of husking. There are strict requirements about the paddy varieties, kernel structure, shape, degree of fullness, uniformity, and water content. With a high plump degree, low water content, high intensity, and thin rice husk, the paddy is easy to be hulled. Because the tearing force needed is much smaller. Besides, it is much more feasible to get a high husking rate, low broken rice content, high output, and low energy consumption.

MLGQ Series Rice Huller Technical Parameters

Model MLGQ25 MLGQ36 MLGQ51
Capacity 2-3t/h 4-4.8t/h 6-7t/h
Air Volume 3500m3/h 4000m3/h 4600m3/h
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
Net Weight 500kg 700kg 850kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 1200*961*2112mm 1248*1390*2162mm 1400*1390*2219mm