MGCZ Series Double-body Gravity Paddy Separator


MGCZ Series Double-body Gravity Paddy Separator
Paddy separator is indispensable in rice milling process. MGCZ series double-body gravity paddy separator is developed on the basis of foreign advanced technology. It is mainly used for separating brown rice from paddy making use of their differences in specific gravity and friction coefficient. With two separating bodies, the paddy separator can be used for high capacity. Both parallel connection and series connection of the sieves are available according to the special technological requirements. brown_rice2

Characteristics of Gravity Paddy Separatorbrownrice

* High capacity, steady performance, low noise and power consumption.
* Unique balance mechanisms ensure the steady and excellent performance.
* Adopting blade type swing mechanism and bearing of one-way clutch, prolong the service life of components.
* Durable imported parts, advanced automatic stop system, convenient operation.
* Suitable for various kinds of rice and mixtures, especially for the short-grain rice.


Pay Attention to the Installation of Paddy Separator

* The distance between eccentric shaft bearing and tensive shaft bearing need to be consistent.

* The central lines of transmission shaft, motor shaft and principal axis shall be parallel.
* Unable to distort of the separating box, the separating plate should be flat.
* The rotation of transmission part should be flexible.
* Ensure the accuracy of the distance between the two support bars and eccentric main shaft.
Double-body Gravity Paddy Separator Technical Data

Model MGCZ-46*12*2 MGCZ-46*20*2 MGCZ-60*20*2
Capacity 2.5-3.5t/h 4.5-5.5t/h 6-7.5t/h
Power 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw
Speed (RPM) 300±5 300±5 300±5
Net Weight 900kg 1150kg 1350kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 1650*1550*1700mm 2000*1630*2050mm 2270*1850*2120mm

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