MPGV Series Rice Polishing Machine


MPGV Series Rice Polishing Machine Introduction
MPGV series rice polishing machine is designed and improved by introducing foreign advanced technology, which is the leading polishing set in rice processing field. The highlight of this polishing machine is the spraying part that sprays uniformly vaporific water on the surface of the rice under the hight pressure of water & air, which improve the damage and nonuniform state in the process of polishing, ensuring the rice smooth and luster.


MPGV Series Rice Polishing Machine Features
* Equipped with water pump and air pump to achieve spraying water automatically and conveniently in the  constant temperature.
* Advanced polishing technology to make sure the high quality and low breakage rate.
* Convenient to operate with the current and negative pressure display device.
* Innovative appearance and reliable machine properties.
* Polished rice has a longer shelf life.
* Higher and bigger sparing and polishing efficiency & productivity.
* Muti-functional appliance for brown rice, black rice, and red rice and so on.
* The appropriate air suction device guarantees the precision of polishing, increasing the rate of rice bran and reducing the temperature and moisture of polishing rice.

MPGV Series Rice Polishing Machine Technology Parameters

Model MPGV130A  MPGV150C  MPGV180D
Capacity  3.5-4.5t/h 3.5-4.5t/h  4-6t/h
Power 37kw 55kw 75kw
Speed 980rpm 980rpm 980rpm
Net Weight 1500kg 1800kg 2000kg
Exterior size(L* W*H) 2200*850*2100mm 2500*910*2300mm 2800*9100*2300mm





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