MPG Series Rice Polishing Machine


Introduction of MPG Series Rice Polishing Machine
MPG series rice polishing machine is used for polishing rice to shape the shinning brightly and clear translucent surface. This machine has several parts that is the feeding device, spraying system, spiral conveying device, polishing chamber, discharging device,


driving device and so on, which parts could coordinately work with each other in sequence. The rice polishing machine does not apply for rice, but only for the brown rice, glutinous rice, red rice and some other grain.
Features of MPG Series Rice Polishing Machine
1. With the apparatus for automatic control of water supply and constant temperature, the surface of polished rice become lucent due to multiple water sprayers damping, which greatly increase the commercial value of rice.
2. Up-to-date design, attractive appearance, dependable in performance, easy to operate.
3. Mirror-smooth polishing cylinder and wearable sieve made of stainless steel improve greatly the polishing effect.


4. Higher commercial value and longer shelf life.
5. Depending on the shape, size, moisture, quality of different rice, relevant polishing plans can be prepared, thereby enhancing the specialized performance of rice polisher.

Technology Parameters of MPG Series Rice Polishing Machine

Model MPG 16.5 MPG 18.5 MPG 21.5
Capacity 1.5-2t/h 2-2.5t/h 2.5-3.5t/h
Power 22-30kw 30-37kw 45-55kw
Speed 950rpm 850rpm 680rpm
Net Weight 1000kg 1300kg 1600kg
Exterior Size(L*W*H) 1610*720*1932mm 1900*740*2095mm 1960*800*2120mm

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