SM Series Emery Roller Rice Milling Machine


SM Series Emery Roller Rice Milling Machine Introduction
SM series emery roller rice milling machine is used for whitening brown rice, it can also polish white rice by changing the milling emery roller into the polishing roller. The biggest highlight is that the whitening grade can be adjustable through replacing different emery roller shapes and adjusting the width of rice blades and turning milling machine speed. This milling machine have a wide range of application in brown rice whitening factory and rice mill production line.

from_paddy_to_rice_milledSM Series Emery Roller Rice Milling Machine Features
1. Equipped with interior driven motor can reduce floor space.
2. Feeder controller guarantees rice flow even and uniformly.
3. Modular design is easy to operate and maintain, saving energy, long service life.
4. Adjustable whitening chamber makes the whitening pressure appropriate.
5. Easy to control and adjust for milling high quality and precision rice.


6. Low rice breakage rate, high rice output whitened, low rice whitening temperature.
7. Various models to meet your requirement.
8. Muti-functional usages for whitening and polishing.

Rice Milling Machine Working Process
The brown rice conveys spirally into whitening chamber by the spiral conveyor from the feeder hopper, and then the brown rice go forward along the surface of emery roller, afterwards, the rice chaff skin will be grinded and peeled by the sharp rice blades, and fract between rice and rice, rice and rice screen, rice and roller, in the end, the brown rice are whitened.





SM Series Emery Roller Rice Milling Machine Technology Parameters

 Model SM18B SM25 SM30
Capacity 2.0-2.5t/h 2.5-3.5t/h 2.0-2.5t/h
Power 18.5-22kw 18.5-22kw 22-37kw
Air Volume 1000-1500m3/h 1500-2000m3/h 1500-2400m3/h
Net Weight 480kg 600kg 890kg
Exterior Size(L*W*H) 1321*540*1840mm 1350*700*1850mm 1632*620*2215mm

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