MNML Series Rice Milling Machine


MNML Series Rice Mill Machine Introduction
MNML series rice milling machine is designed for milling the coarse rice to the white rice with clean and shine luster, which is adopted the advance international technology standard to engineer into an innovative vertical machine. This rice milling machine is not only suitable for indica rice and parboiled rice, but also widely applied in rice milling production line and rice processing line with the evenly and uniformly grinding white effect.


 MNML Series Rice Milling Machine Features
1. No need to equip withthe hoister, can accomplish the even conveying effect due to material flow spirals from down to up into the whitening chamber.
2. Integrates grinding action and frictional action to achieve muti-functional usage.
3. High pression draught fan equipped into the body internal are connected with the suction pipe which can research much stronger discharging chaff powder effect and low the whitening rice in most degree.


4. Fluidized rice milling device makes rice grinding milling more gently to reduce the broken rice rate and improve the white rice productivity.
5. Parts and components are durable for longer service and reliable performance with less maintenance.
6. This machine have one body and two channels, which can be used dependently or together with other milling machine to process high precision grade rice

Rice Milling Machine Working Process 

The material flow into internal by the self-weight and convey into milling chamber by the spiral pusher, and then are milled by whitening pression to remove the chaff layer,  rice chaffs are put though from the rice screen, and drive away by the suction fan, and the rice particles are discharged intonext milling device to finish above process. Which is thebestideal milling machine for multiple whitening process.




 MNML Series Rice Milling Machine Technology Parameters

Model MNML30 MNML40 MNML46
Capacity 3-4t/h 4-5t/h 6-7t/h
Power 30-37kw 37-45kw 45-55kw
Speed 930rpm 930rpm 930rpm
Net Weight 1000kg 1200kg 1300kg
Exterior Size  (L*W*H) 1484*900*1735mm 1680*1200*1980mm 1700*1300*2160mm
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