Automatic Home Use Rice Milling Machine

mini rice milling machine

Home Use Rice Milling Machine Introduction
YKY-6N20 automatic rice mill machine is a brand new type mini rice milling machine, it’s designed for every family to eat healthy and ensured rice. It is quite small in volume so it’s easy to move from one place to another and portable. The most important thing is that this rice milling machine is convenient for customers to use at home, with the automatic shelling function, it can meet all the needs of customers in home using.Just connect it to the power and press the button it will work. So you can see how it is easy to operate it. Besides, this machine is really multi-functional.


You can use it to get brown rice and white rice. So this mini modern rice mill is very popular now, especially in countries like USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, China, Nigeria etc.

Features of Mini Rice Milling Machine
1. The milled rice rate is more than 90%.
2. Safety device, controlled by one button, rest easy use.
3. One hour production for one week use, healthy rice for every meal.
4. Can make white rice and unpolished rice.
5. No dust, no air pollution.
6. Easy to install and disassemble.
7. Home use electric is ok, no need to find 3-phase electricity.



Working Video Of Automatic Home Use Rice Milling Machine

Detailed Specification of Small Rice Milling Machine

20-30 kg/h
Rated frequency


Safety Tips to Use Mini Rice Mill
1. The voltage of the machine is 220V/50Hz. Please confirm it before you using it.
2. Before you use the machine, please examine every plug, connection electric line.
3. Forbid letting the machine work in high temperature, the temperature around the machine below 40℃ is most.
4. The paddy or rice that the machine processing must up to the standard of safety and healthy. And please choose and throw the hard things, such as the small stone, iron to avoid damaging the machine.
5. During the machine working, if it more load or be blocked, please cut off and clean the things in the rice milling chamber, then let it working again.
6. During working, when the bran is full of the two-third of the bran box, please clean it timely avoid affecting the machine working.


7. If the machine is working, please don’t remove it.
8. Before the machine stop working totally, please don’t clean and maintain it.
9. After the machine finish milling the rice, it need several minutes continue revolving, then if all the rice come out, then you can close the machine.
10. Please don’t clean the machine in water or another liquid.
11. Please don’t put heavy things in it, avoid damaging it.
12. During the working time of the machine, please don’t put your hand in the feeding throat.



small rice mill

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