Biomass Briquette Machine


Biomass Briquette- a New Green Fuel
As the increasing cost of conventional fuel and environmental issues, people have turned to clean fuel and energy for living and production, and biomass fuel is the popular choice. With advanced technology, agricultural wastes like rice husk, rice straw, peanut shell, etc. can be pressed into solid briquettes. Biomass Briquette is sought after not only because of its eco-friendliness but also the ready-to-get raw materials.
rice_husk_briquettesBiomass Briquette Machine Features
1. Reasonable design with simple structure, convenient operation, reliable performance and less area coverage.
2. Equipped with lubricative system, high efficiency and energy saving.
3. The main components adopt abrasion-resistance material which has been cast with special craft.
4. Automatic heating device can regulate material temperature and solve the problem of material stuffing and poor quality forming.
5. Applicable for a variety of raw materials. (crop stalk and straw, rice husk, peanut shell, leaves, sawdust, etc.)
Why is the Biomass Briquette so Popular?
1. Featured by high heating value, small volume, easily combustion, convenient storage and transportation.
2. Through burning experiment, the indexes of smoke dust emission, remained ash and other pollutants have achieved the EU standard.
3. It can totally replace wood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. which are widely used in home heating, cooking stoves, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.


Biomass Briquette Machine Technical Data

Model WYYCB116(with gearbox) WYYCB156 WYYCB229
Power 11+6kw 15+6kw 22+9kw
Capacity 180-220kg/h 180-220kg/h 350-420kg/h
Rotor Speed 980r/min 980r/min 980r/min
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Die Diameter 760mm 760mm 980mm
Die Hole NO. 30 36 36
Briquette Specifications 32*32mm 32*32mm 32*32mm
Material Length 30-50mm 30-50mm 60-80mm
Material Moisture 15-30% 15-30% 15-30%
Briquette Density 0.8-1.4t/m³ 0.8-1.4t/m³ 0.8-1.4t/m³
Briquette Temperature Below 100℃ Below 100℃ Below 100℃
Dimension 2700*1000*180mm 2700*1000*180mm 2700*1100*180mm
Weight 2.5t 2.8t 3.2t


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