MJP Series Rice Grading Machine


MJP Series Rice Grading Machine Introduction
MJP series rice grading machine is used for separating the milled rice, which adopts different size of rice milled, through continuous screening from different hole diameters of the screen deck to achieve four grade, such as head rice, normal rice, bigger broken rice and smaller broken rice. This rice


grading machine is an essential equipment for rice milling industry and rice processing plant. We also offer rice thickness grader and rice length grader for you.
Rice Grading Machine Characteristics
* Compact structure, innovative design and advance grading technology.
* Adjusted speed to keep a reliable performance.
* Adopting no- plug patent to guarantee sieve hole to turn smoothly and fluently.
* Setting detachable front plate to achieve adhesives to clean conveniently.


* Muti-layer screen deck structure for larger capacity of rice clean effect.
* More lower rate of broken content of head rice.
* High quality material fabrication, longer service life, easy to operate and maintain.
* Various models we supplied to meet for your diversified product requires.

MJP Series Rice Grading Machine Technology Parameters

Model MJP100*4/5 MJP112*4/5 MJP125*4/5
Capacity 3-3.5t/h 4-4.5t/h 5-6t/h
Power 1.1kw 1.1kw 1.5kw
Air Volume 150±15m3/h 150±15m3/h 150±15m3/h
Net Weight 700kg 800kg 900kg
Exterior size(L*W*H) 1610*1145*1520mm 1725*1210*1470mm 1610*1340*1520mm
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