* What are the main processes of a whole rice milling plant?
The main processes include cleaning, husking, separating, whitening, polishing, grading, color sorting, packing & weighting.
* How to improve the output of rice milling machine?
In order to get high output, we need to follow the following guidance from several aspects, such as milling at the right moisture content, pre-cleaning paddy before husking, using a paddy separator, considering two-stage whitening, grading the milled rice, monitoring and replacing spare parts regularly.
* Why should we mill the rice at right moisture content?
A moisture content of 14% is ideal for milling. If the moisture content is too low, high grain breakage will occur, resulting in low head rice rate.
* What are the easy wear spare parts in rice milling plant?
The easy wear spare parts include screen, emery roller, rubber roller, plastic bucket, polisher roller and screw impeller.


* How shall we do with the waste rice husk?
We can recycle the rice husk into pellets or briquettes for home or commercial use.
* Do you provide any warranty?
Yes, we promise a quality guarantee for one year.
* What about the after-sale service?
We provide reliable and timely after-sale service to meet the demands of our clients.
* How does the MNML rice milling machine debug ?
The MNML rice milling machine’s electric current is controlled by adjusting lead weight, under normal conditions, the electric current is not more than 60A of the 37kw of main motor. In the normal milling effect state, the rice bran will bluish yellow color which contain less starchy endosperm and high rice milled rate.
When rice milled effect is not perfect, which account for internal and external pressure insufficient, please adjust clearance between rice blades and emery roller.
If the condition of rice whitening is too high, please increase clearance. During debugging, please note: the electric current must guarantee the electric current is ideal 60A to 70A.
* Why was the color and luster of the rice polished by rice polisher not enough?
1. The reasons for this phenomenon is classified various types, but the main problems is lie on the following explanations:
2. The discharging hole was set too much pressure.
3. The quantities of sparing water is a little less.
4. The polishing roller and bar screen were teared and wore too critical.
4. Please adjust according to relative reasons.


* What are the factors influencing sorting effects ?
There are many factors to influence sorting effects, the followings are can be referred:
Material, such as rate of bran content, heterochrome particles content and heterochrome particle types including moldy kernel, immature particles and heterogeneity grain
Equipment, feeding material state (speed or thickness), the shape of channels (U,V), the quality of air(no oi, no water, no dust and more dry)
Operational factors, main factor is quantity of flow controlled vibration amplitude of feeder
Workmanship factors, the sorting should be set before polishing and after grading progress
* How to maintain the rice grader ?
1. The equipment should be installed on the firm and horizonal floor
2. Must stop working and check troubles, if the abnormal phenomenons emerged, such as abnormal vibration, much noise and high exceeding temperature.
3. Sieve hole keep clean and should clear up everyday, if found problems ,please maintain timely.
4. Each driving part should be lubricated at the regular internals
5. The changed components should suitable for rice grader perfectly.